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2022-2023 Fairs and Visits

Every year, admissions counselors go on the road to meet potential future Rams during college fairs and high school visits. We travel around the country to make it easier for you to connect with Colorado State. We hope to see you there so you can explore what being a student at Colorado State is all about.

What’s a college fair, anyway?

A college fair is an event that’s usually held in a high school gym or local conference center. Colleges send representatives to give information about their campuses to prospective students, and the students have a chance to introduce themselves and ask questions.

So, what’s a high school visit?

A high school visit is when we send an admissions counselor to your school, but it’s not a large event with other college representatives. The admissions counselor usually gives a 30-minute presentation about campus, majors, cost, and how to apply. Then you have time to ask your questions.

What kinds of questions should I ask?

You can ask us anything about Colorado State University and the admissions process, and this is a great time to get answers about things you can’t find online. Maybe you want to learn about the differences between certain academic majors or the best hikes in Fort Collins. Or, maybe you want to know how long our application process takes and what’s involved.

It’s helpful to go to college fairs and high school visits with a few questions in mind. Here are a few to get you started thinking of your own:

  • What does CSU do well?
  • What’s different about CSU?
  • What do students do in the evenings or on weekends?
  • What are the classes like? Are the professors able to talk with me outside of class?
  • What kinds of clubs and organizations do you have?

How do I know if there's an event near me?

Use our map or type in your ZIP code to find a CSU admissions counselor near you!

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