As a land-grant institution, it is in the DNA of Colorado State to promote education to anyone with the motivation and ability to earn a degree. We’re proud of that commitment, believe that student body diversity improves the learning experience for all, and look forward to providing that experience to all students regardless of citizenship.

We welcome undocumented students to Colorado State and have compiled resources below to help undocumented students with their college transition.

Frequently asked questions

An undocumented student is any Non-U.S. Citizen or Non-Permanent Resident living in the United States without a valid non-immigrant visa.

This is different from being an international student living outside of the U.S. applying for a student visa or living inside the U.S. in possession of a visa.

Yes. CSU is committed to providing a high quality education to all qualified students, regardless of background — including citizenship status.

Follow these tips when you apply:

  • Within the Citizenship section, list the country that you were born in.
  • Only use the “dual citizenship” prompt to list any other countries where you have legal citizenship (e.g., you can obtain a passport from that country, can travel without a passport to that country, have a parent born in that country, etc.).
  • Under ‘Visa type’, select ‘Do Not Currently Hold a Valid U.S. Non-Immigrant Visa’.
  • If you are a DACA student, leave the social security number (SSN) blank; do not enter your DACA ID in place of SSN.
  • If you are living in Colorado, be sure to answer the additional questions about your Colorado connections and potential eligibility for the ASSET program.

Undocumented students are treated as domestic students in the admission process and should follow all the recommendations in the application guide appropriate to their student type (e.g. freshman, transfer, etc.).

In our decision process, we base selection on an applicant’s academic and personal readiness for success at CSU. Citizenship is not a factor.

Your personal information is safe.

The information you share with us about yourself and about your family is protected by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This federal law protects applicants and current students from having their personal information shared.

We are strongly committed to the academic and personal success of all CSU students, and you will be supported in your pursuit of a CSU degree.

It’s important to know that your citizenship and immigration status are not a matter of public record, so your CSU experience will include many “typical” components not impacted by your legal status.

Here are some resources that may be particularly helpful:

We’ve made an institutional commitment to help undocumented students in the following ways.

  • State legislation allows us to grant in-state tuition classification to qualified undocumented students in Colorado through the ASSET program.
  • Undocumented Colorado students can be considered for some institutional grants and scholarships (i.e., not from state or federal funds).
  • We have a designated financial aid specialist who can help you understand your eligibility and potential sources of support.

Where can I get more information?

To learn more about the admission process and the CSU student experience, please contact the Office of Admissions. To learn more about all the ways CSU supports undocumented students, please visit