Colorado State awards credit in transfer for college-level academic courses completed with a grade of C- or better at an institution accredited by a regional accrediting association. For students with credentials from domestic institutions, the official transfer evaluation is completed within 30 business days after admission. The evaluation of university-level work completed at institutions outside of the U.S. may require additional information from the applicant and consultation with academic departments and thus typically takes longer.

Once the official transfer evaluation is complete, students are emailed and can view their transfer evaluation within RAMweb. The CSU record reflects credits granted in transfer but not the grades earned at other institutions.

In addition to credit for college/university work, CSU grants credit for specific high school and test-based credentials, including Advanced Placement (AP) exams (typically scores of 3,4,5); International Baccalaureate (Standard and Higher level, grades of 4 and higher); CLEP exams (typically a score of 50 or higher); military education approved by ACE; British A-Level passes; German Abitur and Italian Maturita. Official test results and transcripts are required for the review for credit.

Admitted students with international credentials are advised to bring with them or to send in advance a literal English translation of any available course descriptions, syllabi, or university/college catalogs that will assist degree analysts in assessing work for equivalent credit.

You are encouraged to consult¬†Transferology, an online database that lists course equivalencies for most Colorado institutions and a wide range of non-resident universities for which information is available. More details about¬†transfer evaluation are on the Registrar’s Office website.