Anyone is welcome to take classes at Colorado State without being regularly admitted to the university through the following programs: GUEST (fall and spring on-campus classes), Summer Session (summer on-campus and online classes), CSU Online (fall, spring, or summer online-only classes), or the Intensive English Program. You are considered a non-degree student if you are not currently working to receive a degree from CSU.


Granting University Enrollment for a Specific Term

Guest is our non-degree registration option for individuals who wish to take up to two classes (six credits) on campus during a fall or spring semester without applying for admission as a degree-seeking  or certificate-seeking student. GUEST participants register for classes on a space-available basis at the start of the academic term.

Students from Aims Community College can apply for GUEST as part of the Aims Exchange Program.

Summer-Only / Summer Session

Summer Session (“Summer-Only registration”) has an open-enrollment policy, accessible to degree-seeking and non-degree students alike. Credits earned in Summer Session may count toward a Colorado State degree after regular admission is granted and are transferable to other colleges and universities. Summer Session offers flexibility for balancing learning with other summer plans through three 4-week terms, two 8-week terms and a 12-week term. Additional terms of varying length include field classes, internships and weekend classes. Summer Session supports focused study while providing the opportunity to complete a difficult course, fulfill a prerequisite, concentrate on one or two classes, or enroll in a special-topic course.

Individuals interested in Summer-Only registration are encouraged to apply by March 1 for first access to course registration, which opens the third week in March. Applications can be submitted year-round; application processing begins February 15.

CSU Online

CSU Online offers a variety of benefits to non-degree students:

  • Choose online, distance, or off-campus courses
  • Take courses for academic credit and/or professional development
  • Select from a variety of subject areas, including sustainability, agriculture, engineering, and human resources
  • Register through CSU Online without being required to complete an admission or GUEST application

In addition, there are no credit limits, and CSU Online registration occurs year-round, well in advance of the beginning of the term. To find out more, explore online and off-campus courses offered through CSU Online.

Students wishing to take on-campus AND online courses as a non-degree student must use the GUEST or Summer-Only application.

Students wishing to enroll through a CSU Online degree completion program must apply for admission and be formally admitted to CSU. See the undergraduate application guides (for first-year, transfer, or second bachelor’s applicants) or the graduate application guide (for master’s or PhD applicants).

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment offers Poudre School District students the opportunity to take designated CSU courses as part of their high school curriculum. Courses approved by the district are paid for by the district; additional courses can be taken outside the approved list at student expense. Interested students are advised to confirm their interest the semester before they wish to take courses at CSU in order to meet key deadlines.

High school students who are not in Poudre School District and wish to take CSU courses can consider any of our other non-degree options, though we strongly encourage students to prioritize concurrent enrollment offerings in their own communities.

Intensive English

Those who have basic English skills but need more English instruction and improvement to be successful in a U.S. higher education setting should consider the Intensive English Program. This accredited IEP program is an intensive, immersive language experience that is either one, two, or three semesters long, based on the needs of each individual student. To learn more and apply, please contact the Programs for Learning Academic and Community English (PLACE).