Black Issues Forum classroom setting

Black Issues Forum, June 6-10, 2023

The Black Issues Forum provides high school students an opportunity to participate in meaningful conversation, enhance their leadership potential, and deepen their understanding of their cultural heritage while discussing issues facing today’s Black community at the local, state, national, and/or global levels.

Who should attend?

Colorado students finishing their junior year in high school with a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or higher in a college prep curriculum are encouraged to attend. Many of our attendees demonstrate involvement and leadership roles within school, family, or community activities.

Apply now

Apply for Black Issues Forum by April 7


When to register

Please submit your registration, a letter of recommendation, and high school transcript by Friday, March 31, 2023.

What to expect

The 2023 Black Issues Forum is a five-day program that runs daily from June 6-10. Throughout the week, you’ll interact with university faculty, staff, and current CSU students as you discuss and evaluate the relevant issues that affect the Black community at local, state, national, and global levels.

What past participants have said:

“BIF truly shaped my vision for college … I learned that I was not alone in my uncertainties for the future.”

“Even if you decide continuing your education isn’t what you want to do, you’ll leave there with a lot of friends, and connections … Some of the friends I made during BIF are still my friends now, even after we’ve all graduated.”

“I learned more about Black history and culture that was never touched on in my school. It started my curiosity of learning my true history.”

The world makes you think pursuing higher education is to get more money. But the honest truth is pursuing education helps you grow personally, open many doors for you, helps you support your family and allow you to make an impact in your community based on the knowledge you learned. BIF reminded me of education is a powerful tool every young adult should consider.”