Applying as a transfer student

Apply for transfer admission if you have attended a regionally accredited college or university after high school graduation, regardless of the amount of transferable credit you may have completed. If your only college coursework was taken while concurrently-enrolled in high school and prior to your graduation, you are a freshman applicant.

Why Apply?


Whether you’ve always known you would attend Colorado State or you’ve recently discovered CSU, it all starts with a simple application.

Each year we search for students with diverse backgrounds, skills and perspectives to challenge and support each other on our campus. And that doesn’t mean just glancing at a GPA and clicking a button.

We look at each application fully. Our biggest goal is to ensure your academic success, and we do that by seeing your application as a window into your life. The results of our review process and of the quality of our education speak for themselves, and we hope we can count you among the thousands that will do their best to be part of our community this year.



Fall semester (August start)

Transfer students typically enter CSU during the fall semester. The application for fall semester opens August 1, one year prior to the start of the term.


Submit your application and all support documents by February 1 to receive early admission consideration and full scholarship consideration, including access to the CSUSA.


Submit your application and all support documents by June 1 to receive full admission consideration and limited scholarship consideration. After this date, applications for admission are considered on a rolling basis.

Spring semester (January start)

Spring semester is our second most popular term for transfer entry. The application for spring semester opens in March, ten months prior to the start of the term.

Submit your application and all support documents by November 1 to receive full admission review and limited scholarship consideration. After this date, applications for admission are considered on a rolling basis.

Summer session (May start)

You’re encouraged to contact your counselor to visit about starting in the summer. The Summer Session application opens August 1, ten months prior to the start of the term.

Submit your application and all support documents by March 1 for earliest access to summer course registration. After May 1, applications are considered on a rolling basis and fall entry is encouraged. Scholarships are not awarded for summer starts.

What we need


There are several items that we consider necessary to make an informed decision about your potential for academic success at Colorado State. Know that each item is taken seriously, but the admission decision is made based on the sum of all of them.

Until you have submitted a complete application with all necessary items, your materials will not be reviewed.

A complete application includes:

Transfer students are asked to apply using the CSU Application. Once you create an application account, you will be able to submit all other supporting documents.

CSU Application

Applying to CSU requires a $50 application fee as part of completing your application file (before an admission decision).

If you are unable to pay when you’re ready to submit your application, either wait to submit your application once the funds are available OR request a fee waiver with the appropriate documentation. You cannot pay your fee in installments.

Fee waivers are available and can be requested after your application is submitted. (Do I qualify for a fee waiver?)

  • All transfer applicants with fewer than 30 college-level credits complete at the point of application are required to submit a final high school transcript with a date of graduation (or equivalent). High school performance (and equivalency results, if applicable) are considered in the admission decision and can be used to meet the admission requirement in mathematics.
  • Transfer applicants with more than 30 college-level credits complete at the point of application are welcome to submit a final high school transcript to meet the admission requirement in mathematics; aside from this use, high school performance is not considered in the admission decision.
  • A final high school transcript (or equivalent) will be required after admission for any students with fewer than 60 college-level credits who are seeking financial aid; proof of graduation is a federal financial aid requirement.
  • If you have been out of high school for more than a couple of years, you may need to work with your school district to secure your transcript. If you encounter difficulty obtaining your final high school transcript or equivalency results, contact your counselor to discuss alternatives.

We require one official transcript from every college or university you have attended, regardless of the age of the credits, amount of credit, type of credit, or academic status when the credit was earned

  • Include transcripts for college-level work completed while in high school, through study abroad and/or reported in transfer from other institutions.
  • If you’re currently enrolled someplace else, wait to send us your transcript when you’re in your last semester at that institution. No more than one academic term can be “in progress” when we make our decision.
  • Applicants attending quarter-based institutions must submit fall quarter grades for fall consideration.
  • Veteran applicants are encouraged but not required to submit a Joint Services Transcript (JST).
  • Failure to disclose all institutions attended, regardless of whether credits were earned or will be transferable, is grounds for rejection or dismissal.

Undergraduate students are required to complete at least three credits of mathematics as part of a CSU degree. The admission requirement in mathematics is designed to ensure that transfer applicants are on track to satisfy this graduation requirement.

There are several ways to satisfy the mathematics requirement, including taking the Mathematics Placement Exam. Learn how at the link below.

Mathematics Requirement Information
  • ACT and SAT results are not evaluated in the admission decision but can be helpful for composition and math placement purposes if you have not taken transferable college composition or mathematics courses.
  • CSU’s ACT code is 0504. Our SAT/College Board code is 4075. Allow 2-3 weeks for scores to arrive at CSU from the testing agencies.
  • AP, IB and CLEP results can be considered for transfer credit after you’ve been admitted and once official score results have been sent to CSU; these results will not be considered in the admission decision.

You will have the opportunity to complete an optional “Academic Explanation” section within the application to address circumstances that have impacted your academic record.

You are strongly encouraged to write an Academic Explanation if you have a cumulative GPA below 2.5, D/F grades within the past year, and/or erratic trends or a pattern of withdrawals in your prior college work.

Submitting your documents, transcripts and fee is easy and we’re always here to help. Start by reviewing submission instructions and contact us if you have any questions.

Who we look for


Every incoming class looks different, but we always work to maintain high academic standards while providing access to higher education as part of our land-grant mission.

Transfer class profile

This data reflects the middle 50% of transfers admitted for Fall 2022. That means 75% of the students we admitted had credentials at or above the ranges displayed here, and 25% had credentials slightly below these ranges. While this should give you an idea of where the center of a class lies, it does not reflect specific minimums for admission consideration.

2.9-3.7 GPA
29-65 credits

Important Factors

A 2.0 cumulative GPA for all college work attempted is the threshold for consideration. Applicants who have a cumulative GPA below 2.5 should be prepared to demonstrate academic success in the form of an upward GPA trend and no D/F grades in their most recent terms.

Students transferring more than 90 credits may not be able to complete their major in a timely manner, and credits that transfer may not meet specific degree requirements at CSU.

Our review process

Our review process allows us to learn about your academic successes and the experiences that have impacted and prepared you for life at Colorado State. These are the four areas we concentrate on when considering your application.

We recommend you take college-level courses in a range of subjects. Be sure to include a mathematics course; composition also is recommended but not required.

We review each application holistically and can consider your involvement in school and community activities in our decision.

Performance can be as important as rigor. We consider not only your cumulative GPA but also your trends in grades over time and across subjects.

We will consider circumstances that have impacted your course selection and performance. Use the Academic Explanation section of the application to provide this context.

Some competitive majors require specific course work and a higher grade point average in order to be admitted.

What to expect


Completing your application

The time it takes to submit a complete application is unique to each student depending on the amount of time it takes to receive supporting documents. The application form typically takes 30-45 minutes.

Within three days after you’ve submitted your application, you’ll receive an email with instructions to activate your electronic identity we call a NetID and check your application status online.

Allow 3-5 business days for documents you’ve submitted electronically to be reflected as received and matched to your application (documents sent by mail can take slightly longer).

Already activated your NetID?

Log in to RAMweb to check your application status.

Log in to RAMweb

Once your application is complete

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Most students will receive a decision within four weeks after submitting a complete application with required documents.

Check your email and online status regularly. We will send decisions through email first, followed by the official admit packet, which usually arrives by mail two to three weeks after admission

Most students admitted to CSU enter their first choice major. Then it’s time to move on to the next steps for admitted students.

Some students are admitted to their alternate major or to an undeclared advising track because they don’t qualify for direct admission to a competitive major. These students move on to the next steps for admitted students.

Some applicants are prompted to submit more information, such as an updated transcript, math placement results, evidence of English proficiency or an explanation of circumstances.

Students who are not offered admission are encouraged to complete additional college-level work elsewhere before applying again. Students can request reconsideration of their current application with new academic information. Contact your admissions counselor for guidance.

After a decision has been made

Admitted students receive additional communications from Admissions and other CSU offices outlining the confirmation and enrollment processes. To stay on track to enroll, admitted students are expected to check email regularly and make sure to complete the next steps for admitted students.

Getting started


The next step is to prepare your academic documents and to start an application. It’s that simple!

Apply using the CSU Application

Submit the CSU Application to be considered for transfer admission.

Apply Now