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You’re admitted. Now what?

Now that you’re part of the Ram Family, there are a few more steps to take to prepare for the first day of class. Below you’ll find detailed information that will guide you through the enrollment process. We’re here for you if you have any questions.

You’ll need your Net ID

Make sure you’ve created your Net ID (user name and password), which is necessary to log in for many of the tasks below. Creating your NetID also creates your university email account, which other CSU offices use to contact you.

Join the Admitted Rams Community

A few days after being admitted, you’ll receive an invitation to join the Admitted Rams Community, where you can connect with other admitted students and current CSU students.

Why Join?

Admitted Transfer Checklist

Click on each step to jump to detailed information about why each step is important and the actions you need to take to check it off the list.


Accept your offer of admission by paying or deferring your $300 enrollment deposit. By deferring you’ll officially be confirmed and will pay the deposit as part of your first bill. Once you submit your deposit or deposit deferral, you will gain access to the on-campus housing application and Ram Orientation sign up.


You will register for classes through Ram Orientation. You’ll also learn about CSU traditions and get introduced to various campus services. Ram Orientation is required.


The housing guide included in your admit packet has details about our on-campus transfer living and dining options. Applying for on-campus housing requires a $350 deposit ($50 of which is non-refundable). This fee is waived for students who qualify for a need-based enrollment deposit deferral. Off-Campus Life supports students seeking housing in the community.


Submit your FAFSA and scholarship applications before the deadlines. While Colorado State offers many opportunities for financial aid and scholarships, be sure to research funding from other sources as well.


You may be required to complete some key online assessments before attending Ram Orientation.


Your admission is provisional until we receive your final, official transcript reflecting completion of any work in progress at the point of admission.


Submit your immunization records, health history and insurance information as part of completing the Health Network’s New Student Checklist.


Reserve your spot in our incoming class by paying your $300 enrollment deposit, which covers new student charges and a portion of your first semester tuition. You’ll be able to access Ram Orientation sign-up and the on-campus housing application after you deposit.

What are my options?

Once you have accessed the “Tell Us Your Plans” module, you’ll be prompted to take one of the following actions.


By confirming and paying your $300 deposit you will reserve your spot in the incoming class and gain access to orientation sign-up (you’ll register for courses through orientation) and the application for on-campus housing.


If the deposit presents a financial hardship or your cost of attendance will be paid by a third party, you may defer your $300 enrollment deposit. This will reserve your spot in the incoming class, and you will gain access to orientation sign-up (you’ll register for courses through orientation) and the on-campus housing application. The $300 deposit will be applied to your first semester billing statement when you can apply financial aid or third-party funds.


Need more time? You can request a change to your entry term for up to one year. We’ll keep your application active and work with you to retain your admission decision and enrollment deposit, if possible.


If you decide not to enroll at CSU, you can decline your officer of admission. After you decline, we know that you no longer are considering CSU, and we will discontinue our communications. You can change your mind and confirm at a later date, but declining your admission might impact your enrollment options. If you’ve already deposited and your plans have changed, refer to our refund policy.

Recommended Deposit Dates

Depositing on time helps us plan for your arrival and ensure your spot in the incoming class. If your plans change, contact us to update your application to a future term or to cancel your confirmation (refund policy).


Deposit by July 1 to secure your spot. After this date, confirmations are accepted on a space-available basis.


Deposit by December 15 to secure your spot. After this date, confirmations are accepted on a space-available basis.


Summer course registration opens in March, and courses begin in May. Early confirmation is encouraged for best access to courses. Deposits are accepted until June 1.

Ready to confirm?

Log in to RAMweb with your NetID. In the RAMready section, follow the link to “Tell Us Your Plans.”

Confirm Now


Orientation registration for students starting classes in summer or fall 2023 opens January 25, 2023.

All new students are required to attend Ram Orientation to meet with an academic advisor, register for classes, learn about CSU traditions, and get introduced to campus services. It’s an important time to connect with others in your class and to meet the current students, faculty and staff who will help you be successful.

Many of the other steps for admitted students are important to complete before attending Ram Orientation so that your advisors are able to help you plan for the upcoming year.

In addition to the general transfer orientation track, an Adult Learner and Veteran Student Track is available to non-traditional students who qualify based on characteristics such as family status, work situations, time away from college, or military background.

Ram Orientation sign-up for Summer students:

Learn more about Ram Orientation options for students starting in May, June, or July.

Ram Orientation sign-up for Fall students:

Learn more about Ram Orientation options for students starting classes in August.

Your Transfer Evaluation

It’s important to sign up for an orientation session early so that the Registrar’s Office has time to complete your transfer evaluation before you meet with your advisor. While the evaluation can take up to 30 business days after you’ve been admitted (international work may take longer), your evaluation will be prioritized to meet your orientation session if possible. The Registrar’s Office will email your university email account when your evaluation is complete, and your evaluation will be posted to RAMweb.

Ready to sign up for Ram Orientation?

Use your NetID to log in and reserve your spot.

Sign Up Now


On-campus Options

CSU offers a wide selection of housing and dining options to ensure all students feel at home on campus. Transfers are welcome but not required to live on campus. There are designated floors in our residence halls and on-campus apartments specifically for transfers, juniors, and seniors.

Learn more about Residence Halls and University Apartments now or check your Find Your Place housing guide in your admit packet. Questions about living on campus, the housing application, or the $350 housing deposit can be directed to Housing & Dining Services. (The housing deposit is waived for students who qualify for a need-based enrollment deposit deferral.)

Residence hall application:

Fall semester housing application opens January 25, 2023. Spring semester housing application opens in mid-September.

The on-campus apartment application is open year-round.

Off-campus Options

Off-Campus Life offers resources to help you make a successful transition to the Fort Collins community beyond finding a place to live. You are encouraged to start your search for off-campus housing early; while turnover is common at the beginning and end of each academic term, leases may need to be secured several weeks in advance.

Ready to apply for housing?

Use your NetID to log in and complete your housing application.

Apply Now


Finding your financial fit is an important part of choosing the right university, and one of the most important aspects of your financial fit is aid. We recommend pursuing as many types of funding as possible including grants, scholarships, loans, work study, and student employment to help offset the investment of college.


Submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for the full range of financial aid at Colorado State. All students are encouraged to apply because some merit-based aid requires FAFSA information. The FAFSA opens in December.

Be sure to check RAMweb and your university email account regularly once you submit the FAFSA in case additional information or verification is required to complete your financial aid award.

Grants and Scholarships

You automatically will be considered for admissions-based scholarships if you submit a complete application by June 1 for fall semester or November 1 for spring semester, and award notification generally is sent out within one month of admission. To be considered for fall-entry only awards offered through CSU academic departments and the Office of Financial Aid, submit the Colorado State University Scholarship Application (CSUSA), available in RAMweb between October 1 and March 1.

You also are encouraged to research available state and federal need-based grants.


There are several types of loans that you can apply to your cost of education. These are provided by the government, University, and private lenders. Many loans require you to complete the FAFSA.

Work Study and Student Employment

Work study and student employment may provide you with valuable work experience through the University while helping offset the cost of education. Learn more about work study and student employment opportunities and requirements.


There are some key placement steps to complete before Ram Orientation.

You do not need to complete the Composition Directed Self-Placement Survey (DSP) if:

    • You received an ACT Composite score of 26 or higher, an SAT EBR/W score of 620 or higher, or an SAT verbal score of 570 or higher (prior to March 2016); you’re eligible to register for College Composition (CO 150) based on your test results.
    • You’ve earned grades of C- or better in college composition from another regionally-accredited college/university (this includes credit earned through concurrent enrollment).
    • You’ve earned a score of 3 or higher on an Advanced Placement (AP) composition exam, a score of 4 or higher on an International Baccalaureate (IB) composition exam, or CLEP credit for composition.

Be sure to submit official test scores for placement and transfer credit purposes. If you have completed college work that hasn’t yet been evaluated for transfer credit, bring a copy of your transcript with you to Orientation.

When in doubt, complete the placement steps; your results do not bind you to a particular course of action, but they can help you keep your options open.

When you review the placement procedures, you’ll see information about two additional placements:

  • Foreign Language Placement Exam: Required before you can register for a world language course if you have had previous study of French, German, or Spanish. The department recommends completing the exam at least three days prior to Ram Orientation.
  • Chem Prep: Required for any student whose major includes the General Chemistry I (Chem 111) course. Learn more about whether you should complete Chem Prep before Ram Orientation.

Ready to complete your placement requirements?

Learn more about the procedures for completing the MPE and/or Composition Self-Directed Placement and your potential exemption before attending Orientation.

Placement Procedures


Your admission is provisional until we receive a final, official college transcript showing satisfactory completion of any work in progress at the point of admission.

To avoid possible delays or holds on your financial aid or course registration, submit your final transcript by July 1 for a fall semester start or January 2 for a spring semester start. Transcripts for summer work should be submitted as soon as available.

Ready to submit your final transcripts?

Follow the directions to submit your final transcripts in a timely manner.

Submit Now


Complete the steps on CSU Health Network’s New Student Checklist to support our commitment to a safe and healthy campus. Steps include submitting required health and immunization records, completing the online Alcohol EDU and Haven Sexual Assault Prevention programs, and documenting insurance coverage.

You can take care of this step any time before you enroll; many students bring health records with them to Orientation.

Make sure your health records are ready.

Take a look at the CSU Health Network’s New Student Checklist.

New Student Checklist