Students learn about CSU's tuburculosis research

Colorado State’s research programs are among the best in the nation, offering multiple ways for undergraduate students to participate in research with faculty, along with opportunities to lead and showcase their own projects.

Every major. Every interest.

Research at CSU isn’t limited to the sciences. Students and faculty conduct research around everything from the arts to the environment to cultural history. With opportunities in the lab and the out in the world, you can explore your interests and develop your knowledge around the things you’re passionate about.

Next-level opportunity. Next-level benefits.

The ability to not only participate in but also lead and conduct your own research as an undergrad comes with a myriad of benefits. You’ll engage directly with faculty and the subject matter, as well as deepen your knowledge in your field. Oftentimes, projects have real-world applications, and you can see your hard work pay off. You’ll gain valuable experience in the lab, and learn the same research techniques graduate students and professors use. Plus, having high-caliber research on your resume as an undergrad will give you an edge when applying to scholarships, graduate school, or a competitive career.