How you can recharge on campus

Class, studying, working, and spending time with friends. The routine of a student can be an active one. When Rams need a break and a change of scenery at Colorado State University, you might find them in one of these places. Can you picture yourself here, too?

#1. Find a seat on the west lawn of the Lory Student Center

sunrise of west lawn

Find a bench or a patch of grass just outside the Lory Student Center and you’ll discover a good escape from the foot traffic of campus. Whether you are studying, having lunch, or celebrating a CSU tradition with friends, you’ll get that incredible view of campus and the Fort Collins foothills.

#2. Explore the immersive displays in the Biology building

biology display of cells, body systems, and molecules

The Biology building is one of our many academic spaces that express a refreshing view of what our students study. In this case, experience awesome displays of animals, whether it’s the cast of Finding Dory in the aquariums or little critters you may see while exploring in Fort Collins.

#3. Snooze in a relaxation pod 

Napping pod in the Still Point Reflection Space.

Prioritize your relaxation by taking a power nap in the relaxation pod at the Still Point Reflection Space in the CSU Health and Medical Center. The center supports students’ health and well-being with medical and counseling resources. Access to the pod and counseling are free for all full-time students taking 12 credits or more.

#4. Take a beat and smell the flowers at the Flower Trial Gardens

Trial Flower Garden

Just outside the University Center of the Arts, you’ll find CSU’s colorful the Flower Trial Gardens. Take a break to learn about the unique Rocky Mountain flora and soak up some sweet scents.

Want to find your favorite spot to recharge?

Now that you’ve got a glimpse into how Rams recharge, explore the rest of campus with our virtual tour.

Virtual Tour

Jake Aglietti

Jake Aglietti is the Digital Marketing Specialist for the Office of Admissions at Colorado State University. He is passionate about showing the beauty and excitement of CSU to future students through visual storytelling. He wants to connect future students with their passions and to help them to envision an enriching experience in college.