5 majors to explore if you want to work in entertainment

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Think you’ll have to pack a suitcase and hit the road for Hollywood to work in entertainment? You’d actually be surprised just how many people in the entertainment biz started out with a college education. Colorado State is no stranger to the stars, either; we have some notable alums who still call themselves Rams today, including actor/comedian, Leslie Jones. So how does your path to college end in entertainment? Here are five majors you can take with you all the way to the stage.

#1. Music, Theatre, or Dance majors

Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way first: Colorado State’s School of Music, Theatre, and Dance is a robust collection of majors, concentrations, and minors that can help nurture your talent, creativity, and your performance prowess. Within each major, you’ll have options for a performance-based education, but also many opportunities to work behind the scenes in performance settings, in roles such as composing, costuming, choreography, education, design and technology, and so much more.

#2. Business Administration

Did you think a Business major would lead to an office job? Colorado State’s Business Administration major has 10 concentrations that can take you almost anywhere, including into the business side of the entertainment industry. From marketing to finance to human resources, there is no denying that the business of movies, television, podcasts, music, and theatre has some of the world’s best and brightest business minds working behind the scenes. And, with an entire academic college dedicated to the Business major, Colorado State is one of the best places to get started.

#3. Data Science

Think numbers have no place in the ol’ razzle dazzle? You might be surprised just how relevant the Data Science major is when it comes to today’s entertainment practices. Data Scientists play a major role in streaming services. Companies like Netflix track the data around which movies and shows you watch to “learn” what you might want to see next, and to help them determine what kinds of entertainment to create in the future. It takes someone skilled in the analysis of data to take those huge sets of numbers and break them down so they’re used properly. That’s where you come in!

#4. Computer Science

Another science major in entertainment? Yes, you read that right. CSU’s Computer Science major offers many paths for students into the business they call show. Today’s movies, music, and television (and even video games and audio books) could not do what they do without the powerful minds behind computer technology. Whether you want to work on the software that powers entertainment, or you’d like to be at the forefront of entertainment with artificial intelligence, you’ll have those options right here, right now.

#5. Journalism and Media Communication

It’s hard to talk about today’s entertainment industry without touching on the forms of entertainment that aren’t movies and television shows. A major in Journalism and Media Communication can easily be a springboard into talk television, news, documentary work, and so much more.

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Prairie Smallwood

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