The introvert’s guide to Colorado State

A student sits under a tree in the CSU forest.

Let’s talk about being an introvert in college. Coming to a large university full of new people, places, and things can bring on a lot of mixed feelings, including excitement and nervousness — especially if you identify as an introvert. But, don’t fret. Even if you prefer quiet, solo days over bustling, busy ones, there are lots of ways to thrive at Colorado State. Here are a few resources and tools that make being an introverted Ram easier.

#1. Study spaces of solitude and silence


As an introvert, you might prefer solo study sessions over joining a study group. Finding a place on campus where you can focus and be comfortable is easy, with tons of options ranging from coffee shops to quiet study areas. Once you find a place that feels comfortable, you’ll start to feel more at home with “your” study spot.

#2. Academic advice


Academic programs and classes come in all shapes, sizes, and styles at CSU. Not sure what major you might fit best in as an introvert? Browse this blog post for some ideas. And, if you’re nervous about how well you’ll be able to handle class discussions and other participation requirements, check out top tips on how introverts can be successful in class participation from Jessica, a CSU student and a self-described introvert.

#3. Recharge and recenter in Reflection Rooms


If you ever find yourself overwhelmed on campus and in need of a quiet place to recenter and take some time to yourself, Reflection and Meditation Rooms will be there waiting to welcome you. Located across campus in the Lory Student Center, the Morgan Library, the Michael Smith Natural Resources Building and the Health and Medical Center, these rooms are designed not for studying, snacking or sleeping, but for quiet reflection, meditation, or prayer. Learn more about the rooms here.

#4. Gorgeous green spaces

Sometimes, spending some quality time in the outdoors is the best escape for an introvert who needs some alone time. Eat lunch, get some studying in, or put in your headphones and listen to your favorite playlist on repeat in one of the many refreshing green spaces scattered across campus and Fort Collins.

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Mary Alice Truitt

Mary Alice has been a visual creator and communicator for the CSU Office of Admissions since September of 2019. She is a life-long learner and is passionate about access, inclusion, pub trivia, and her Spotify playlists.