4 academic clubs at CSU that support women

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With more than 500 student clubs and organizations at CSU, it’s not hard to find something that suits you and your interests. You’ll find everything from outdoor adventure clubs to religious-based groups to organizations centered on supporting you in your major and academic interests. There are even a few groups dedicated to helping you academically while supporting you as a woman in academics. Here are four academic groups that have a focus on women and gender equality.

#1. Association for Women in Mathematics

The Association for Women in Mathematics is a national organization with a chapter at CSU dedicated to supporting women in the mathematical sciences and help influence the male-dominated culture of mathematics. By supporting women in this underrepresented field, the association hopes to encourage more women to participate and become leaders in math and academics that lean heavily on mathematics. This organization is open to CSU students in any major, as well as to people of all gender identities, especially transgender women and those who feel the terms woman/female do not fully describe their identities.

#2. Women in Technical Studies

The Women in Technical Studies organization, or Alpha Sigma Kappa, is a women’s sorority dedicated to supporting academic achievement in female STEM majors and promoting women in technical fields. As an officially recognized sorority, the group also offers opportunities to develop leadership skills, friendships, a sense of belonging, and a network of support for women in the sciences. This group is an associate chapter of the Panhellenic Council, and open to any female-identifying student whether they are involved in other sororities or not.

#3. Women in Physics

The Women in Physics club is aimed at women in the CSU sciences who want support and community in physics, a male-dominated field in many academic settings. The club’s main purpose is to encourage more gender equality within the discipline, offer a sense of belonging to non-male-identifying science students, and providing resources for physics support. While many members tend to be women within STEM fields at CSU, there is no requirement around your gender identity or academic major to participate in the club.

#4. Society of Women in Environmental Professions

The Society of Women in Environmental Professions is a campus club committed to supporting women in majors within the environmental sciences. In addition to academic support, the club offers connections with peers and mentors who stand for gender equity and environmental justice, along with opportunities to get hands-on experience in the field through internships and volunteer positions. The club is open to anyone at CSU who has interest in environmental careers and equality.

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