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Clubs and student organizations can be a major key to finding your place in college. You’ve probably heard once (or twice) that Colorado State has a few student-run clubs and organizations – around 500, in fact! That’s right. Along with our diverse student population comes a seemingly infinite list of hobbies, passions, talents, and ways to get involved on campus, all the way from Apiculture Club to Zero Waste Team. Not only can CSU clubs and student organizations be a great way to meet new people who you have something in common with, but they can also help you develop your talents and interests into careers and lifelong passions.

We know 500 is a big number (you can browse through all student orgs on RamLink), so we’ll be sharing some examples of different types of student organizations that might be your perfect fit at CSU. Here are four CSU clubs that are perfect for animal lovers.

#1. The Wildlife Society

wildlifesoc copy

The CSU student chapter of The Wildlife Society offers students the chance to learn from professional speakers, hands-on projects and experiences, and volunteering opportunities that focus on wildlife study, management, and education. From museum visits to elk watching to guided birding hikes, this club will put you where the wild things are. Learn more about The Wildlife Society on Facebook or Instagram.

#2. Entomology Club

Out of almost 500 clubs on campus, the Entomology Club was the very first one to meet. This historic CSU club is perfect for students of any major who love learning about and interacting with insects and their relatives. The Entomology Club goes on regular collecting trips, participates in campus events like Ag Day and other game days (cockroach races, anyone?), and holds seminars and speaker events year round. Learn more about the Entomology Club on Instagram.

#3. Field Ornithology Club

If you admire animal life in the air rather than on the ground, Field Ornithologists at CSU might be the club for you. Go on bird-watching trips, attend guest lectures, and participate in research projects with this student organization that’s definitely for the birds. Learn more about the Field Ornithology Club on Instagram and Facebook.

#4. Collar Scholars

Service dogs are incredible tools for many people with disabilities, but did you know that you don’t have to be a professional trainer to help turn a puppy into a service dog? Collar Scholars at CSU gives students the opportunity to raise and help care for puppies that will eventually become service dogs, provided to disabled people free of charge. Learn more about puppy raising and Collar Scholars on Facebook, Instagram, and the Canine Companions website.

#5. Dog Agility Club

If participating in an exciting group sport with your favorite pup sounds like your jam, the Dog Agility Club of CSU might be for you. Whether you’re new to the world of dog agility or a seasoned competitor, this group will give you chances to attend group practices, volunteering events, hikes, and more. Learn more about the Dog Agility Club on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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