4 majors to explore if you love working with your hands

Sitting around just isn’t your thing. You love learning while doing, working on projects, and digging into your interests and your studies with more than a pen and notebook. We get it; working with your hands really is a great way to learn and explore. While many of our majors are incredibly hands on, we have a few that provide ample learn-while-doing time, and lead to careers that are just as active. Here are just four majors to explore if you love working with your hands.

#1. Construction Management

CSU students work on a construction jobsite

CSU’s Construction Management major is an incredibly hands-on major, teaching the planning, organization, and execution of construction projects from start to finish, including the complex work performed with architects and engineers. In the program, you’ll learn the foundational aspects of construction, along with the graphic, scientific, and technological applications needed in the industry. You’ll do surveying and construction site layout courses, working in labs to learn the building process from foundation to plumbing to electrical, and beyond. In your later years in the program, you’ll have opportunities for internships, allowing you to both work on a real job site and learn and network with the contractors and construction managers in the industry today.

#2. Animal Science

Students work with cows in CSU's ARDEC facility

As an Animal Science major at CSU, you’ll have ample opportunities to really get your hands dirty (literally) while you learn. In the program, you’ll take a variety of subjects that range from foundational math and sciences to more-specific classes around animal care, agriculture, and beyond. You’ll spend a considerable amount of time at CSU’s off-campus ranch/agricultural space, ARDEC (Agricultural Research, Development and Education Center), where you’ll work directly with animals like cows, pigs, and sheep in a variety of hands-on settings, including reproduction, pasture management, feedlot systems, and more.

#3. Mechanical Engineering

A Colorado State engineering student works with technology in a lab

If you find yourself in CSU’s Mechanical Engineering major, you might love the idea of building complex machinery or working with mechanical systems designed to help enhance the lives of people throughout the world. Mechanical engineers touch nearly every industry, from space exploration to entertainment to medicine and far beyond. In the program, you’ll take challenging coursework in math and science, along with more-specific courses in manufacturing, electrical engineering, mechatronics, and beyond. You’ll also have the opportunity to focus your education in a concentration of either Advanced Manufacturing or Aerospace Engineering, allowing you to gain experience in the industry you hope to work in after graduation.

#4. Fermentation Science and Technology

A fermentation student works with a fermenting device in a lab

As a student in CSU’s Fermentation Science and Technology major, you’ll be a part of a small program that gets a lot of hands-on experience. In the major, you’ll take a science-based approach to food-and-beverage fermentation, exploring everything from brewing to human nutrition to food/beverage chemistry to operations management. You’ll get opportunities to intern with industry professionals at establishments like New Belgium Brewing, Odell, and the Gifford Kitchen, as well as participate in operations and research at CSU’s very own brewery, the Ramskeller.

Still not sure you've found the perfect path?

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Prairie Smallwood

Prairie Smallwood is a writer and content creator for the Office of Admissions at Colorado State University. She is passionate about education and exploration, and knows that going to college can be both an adventure and an overwhelming experience. She aims to create content that helps students through that journey — the wonderful, the scary, and everything in between.