State-of-the-art spaces: Colorado State mammalogy lab

In our State-of-the-Art Spaces series, we’ll show you academic spaces all over campus that boast unique features and technology that enhance learning, allow students to engage in hands-on experiences, and more. Get an inside look at Colorado State’s state-of-the-art spaces now.

CSU’s Vertebrate and Mammalogy lab, located in the the Biology building, becomes a learning experience the moment you enter. There are all kinds of animals displayed in the lab, from water buffalo to tiny African rodents to the crocodile skeleton suspended from the ceiling. Within the room, tall, lab-style desks are situated so students can easily interact and share specimens as they learn the internal organs and biology of animals. Behind the lab, you’ll find a massive room where limited students and researchers work with even more animal specimens that have arrived at CSU from all over the world. The Mammalogy lab boasts itself on being “low tech” — students learn on real specimens and explore the systems of animals as they would in the field.

  • Who studies here: Students from many majors can be found studying and volunteering in the lab, including those taking lower-level science courses as electives. You’ll likely find students from Biology, Zoology, Neuroscience, Biomedical Sciences, Animal Science, Biomedical Engineering, and beyond.
  • Built: August 2017
  • Location: Southwest corner of campus. See map for exact position on campus.

Want to see more of our Biology building?

Check out our vlogger, Alex, as he leads you around the Colorado State Biology building on Instagram, and stay tuned to see even more state-of-the-art spaces soon.


Prairie Smallwood

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