5 minors to diversify your major

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Did you know are nearly endless ways to customize your academic path as a Colorado State student? In addition to the ability to focus almost any major with a concentration (or several), many students find time in their academic calendar to add a minor. A minor is a small time commitment (approximately 7 classes) that can make a big impact on your future, adding distinction and depth to your college education. You’ll gain knowledge outside the curriculum of your major, expand your experience field, and add skills that set you apart in your future career. Here are a few minors to consider as you explore ways to diversify your major.

#1. American Sign Language minor

The minor in American Sign Language, or ASL, teaches proficiency in sign language along with a solid foundation in Deaf culture. Knowing a second language and having an understanding of its culture can be a major selling point for you as you apply to jobs — regardless of the field you plan to go into. Knowing sign language not only extends your communication skills to the hearing impaired, but also allows you to be a better listener and speaker overall.

#2. Global Environmental Sustainability minor

Minoring in Global Environmental Sustainability is a great way to gain an awareness of pressing environmental issues and the impact we have on the environment as a society. In the minor, you’ll gain foundational knowledge in sustainable living, along with opportunities to participate in research and to take an active role in sustainable solutions. Having experience in sustainability can expand your career prospects and work in tandem with the skills you’re learning in your major. The additional knowledge and training can get you access to unique jobs that require sustainable education along with the education you’re getting in your major, such as politics, communication, journalism, and even art.

#3. Creative Writing minor

In the Creative Writing minor, you’ll get to explore two writing genres (choose from poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction), and you’ll spend time exploring today’s literary landscape, along with your own personal exploration and development of your imagination and inner world. While creative writing can help you expand and improve your written communication skills, you’ll also come out with a better understanding of yourself in the world, and an authentic and powerful ability to express yourself that can make big impacts in both your personal life and in the workplace. Just imagine writing the email that convinces the CEO of a company to change a policy, or creating a professional presentation that isn’t a snooze — creative writers do this!

#4. One of CSU’s eight foreign language minors

It’s no secret that having a second or third language proficiency can be appealing to employers in nearly any field; being able to communicate with more people can be a major asset, after all. CSU offers eight minors in foreign languages: Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Russian, and Arabic. No matter which language you choose to minor in, you can expect to learn to communicate in another tongue and to appreciate diversity and interact successfully across cultures. The skills and values that come from increasing your intercultural fluency can open doors for you in highly desirable and well-paying jobs in government, education, business, international work and far beyond. No matter what your major is, having a second language proficiency can boost its value as you move through the world.

#5. Business Administration minor

For some majors, a minor in Business Administration might feel like a solid, relevant program to add to your academic path, but for others, it might seem out of left field. Let us assure you … CSU’s business minor is designed to be customized specifically to your personal vision for your future and your time at Colorado State. The minor gives you both a base knowledge of business and offers the option to choose a specific area to focus in, such as business-to-business sales, entrepreneurship, or music business. Having a business background behind your major is helpful for any student who wants to graduate with abilities to understand the economy, world markets, sales and how we are sold to, how to successfully run your own business/company, and so much more.

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