5 ways to survive and thrive during your first week at Colorado State

Your first week of classes at Colorado State will be here before you know it. The countless hours of applications, touring, choosing a school, and planning for the future will have paid off, and your adventure will finally begin. Get off on the right foot during this exciting time of change and transition with these five tips for not just surviving, but thriving through your first week.

#1. Become friends with your calendar

Adopting good habits early in college life will set you up for success for the rest of your time as a student. Finding a calendar that works for you, whether it’s a paper planner, a calendar on your phone or computer, or a combination of the two, can be a game changer in keeping up with assignments, club meetings, your work schedule, and everything else that makes up a busy college life.

#2. Don’t overload your schedule

Speaking of schedules, do yourself a favor by easing into your new life at Colorado State and not overloading your schedule right off the bat. Be sure to make time to rest, adjust, and acclimate to your new adventure at your own pace. So many opportunities will come your way during your time at CSU, and exploring them over time will help you find your fit without overcommitting or stressing yourself out.

#3. Go to all of your class locations before the first day

Our campus is pretty easy to navigate once you get familiar with it. Save yourself a little stress during the first week of classes by setting aside an hour or two to head to each of your classrooms using a campus map so you know exactly where to be on the first day. Go the extra mile by mapping out your ideal walking or biking route for each day of classes, making sure you know where the closest bike parking is or what bus route you’ll be taking, and scoping out some cozy study spots for your breaks in between classes.

#4. Get in the habit of checking the weather

This one may seem small, but you might be surprised how quickly the weather can change in Fort Collins. Avoid getting caught in a rain shower or wishing you had brought a jacket by taking a couple of seconds to check the weather forecast as you’re getting ready to leave.

#5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you do find yourself in a bind and can’t find a certain building, can’t figure out the bus route or don’t understand something on a syllabus, never be afraid to reach out to a friendly face, a classmate, or a professor to ask for help. Everyone in the CSU community had their first day once, and you’re never alone in your challenges here. Rams take care of Rams, and that includes you.

Mary Alice Truitt

Mary Alice has been a visual creator and communicator for the CSU Office of Admissions since September of 2019. She is a life-long learner and is passionate about access, inclusion, pub trivia, and her Spotify playlists.