8 study spots on campus for every type of student

Studying is one thing every college student has in common, but how they study, what they study, and where they study best can vary greatly and be a factor in determining how well studying goes. Some might prefer the utter silence of a reserved room, and some might do best with busy background noise. Some might find a shady tree with a breeze to help them find their study groove, and others might know their best work happens in a late-night cram session. No matter what study scenario works best for you, you can bet CSU has options all over campus to suit your studying needs. Check it out; we’ve got something for everyone.

#1. The solitude seeker

A student reads in a cozy armchair

Perhaps one of the most-underrated quiet spots on campus is tucked away on the top floor of the Lory Student Center. The University Club is a lounge adjacent to the Aspen Grille, and it boasts a cozy lodge vibe, complete with cushioned armchairs and big couches. It’s lit by ambient lamps and has a just-right amount of natural light from nearby windows. You won’t find more than a handful of people spread out in the space most days, and the location is naturally quiet and far away from the busier lower floors of the building.

#2. The snacker

Students study and eat at the Lory Student Center food court tables

Get your best learning done when you’ve got a snack nearby? Us too. Park yourself in the Lory Student Center food court, which offers an array of tables and benches where you can study while keeping your hunger in check. Choose from bagels, soups and salads, sandwiches, tacos, Mediterranean fare, burgers, and more. You can also nab a coffee or pastry from one of the nearby coffee shops.

#3. The comfort seeker

A student studies in the the CSU kindness lounge.

With walls of windows, a sunken, carpeted floor, and a two-story rock fireplace, the Diane Warren Kindness Lounge in the Lory Student Center has all the good vibes. Its central location is ideal for grab-and-go dining from the nearby food court or coffee shops, but has a distinctive quiet and peace in its partially walled-off area. It’s the perfect place to pull up a chair by the fire, open your books, and get to work in comfortable bliss.

#4. The hustle-and-bustle thriver

An angled shot of sweet sinsations coffee shop

Do you soak up your information best when you’re smack dab in the middle of a bustling coffee shop? We get it; sometimes the focused energy of everyone doing their thing helps you get your focus on, too (even though it’s pretty empty in the summer!). There’s a reason why so many people find themselves working best in coffee shops, and it’s not just the endless supply of fresh-brewed goodness. If this is your study vibe, be sure to hunker down at any of the tables near Sweet Sinsations or Intermissions in the Lory Student Center.

#5. The nature lover

A student leans against a tree, reading, in Sherwood Forest.

While the CSU Oval is a favorite many nature-loving Rams find themselves getting some good study time in, don’t underestimate the peaceful, shady sanctuary of CSU’s Sherwood Forest, located behind the Smith Natural Resources building. Sherwood Forest is home to many native trees in Colorado, boasts a ceiling of leaf-filtered sunlight, and is naturally muted from noise that may come from the nearby plaza.

#6. The group studier

Two students do a group project in a library group study room.

Whether you have a group project or just do your best studying when you’re in a group setting, CSU has several ways to make sure your group study sessions are top notch. You can reserve a group study room in the library, designed to seat 6-8 people, complete with a large-display HDTV and personal laptop access to video and audio jacks. Each study room also has a whiteboard and dry-erase markers. There are also roomy areas scattered throughout the library with tables and cozy chairs that allow your group to really settle in for some work. And, if you happen to be on the hunt for a group of like-minded students to study with, you can join a study group through The Institute for Teaching and Learning, located in the TILT Building.

#7. The silent type

The study cube lit up at night.

Do you need a study space that takes a hard lean toward absolute silence? We get that. Sometimes it’s all too easy to look up into the rustling leaves of an Oval tree and daydream away your study session. Sometimes a passerby on a skateboard is enough to completely derail you. For the uber-serious silent studier, CSU has options. The Study Cube is a two-story building attached to the Morgan Library with full-length glass walls and 24/7 student access. Inside, you’ll find cozy couches, tables, armchairs … and the peace and quiet you need to get real work in.

You can also reserve a quiet study room (room 301G) in the library if you need a silent space that isn’t shared with anyone else. You’ll just need to plan ahead a bit.

#8. The garden lover

You might not even know you’re a garden studier, but once you stumble upon the flora-filled courtyard of the Morgan Library, you’ll be hooked. This hidden space boasts an array of study tables (each with a nearby power source), flowering bushes and trees, a fountain, and a peaceful vibe that isn’t too quiet, but never loud. It’s all topped off with a treetop canopy that provides just enough shade and just enough vitamin D to keep you in the study mood.

A shot of the library courtyard with spring flowers all around, sculptures, and study tables

Bonus: A close-to-campus study favorite


Mugs coffee shop is a Fort Collins staple, boasting two locations in town. Mugs on Laurel is directly north of campus, just across the street from the Oval. Inside, you’ll find delectable coffee offerings, a menu of house-made food items and local pastries and bagels, plus local artwork adorning the high walls. Pick a table or snag an armchair and get your study on.

Want to map out your study locations?

Did you see yourself in one of these study spots? Get a feel for campus and study-spot locations with our interactive campus map.


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