3 reasons to choose CSU’s Family and Consumer Sciences major

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Trying to dig a little deeper into Colorado State’s majors, just starting out in your major search, or want to see what it looks like to be a student in a certain major? Our “3 reasons” series is the perfect place to start. In each installment, we’re bringing you three standout reasons to choose a major, written by the people who work and teach in those majors every day.

Family and Consumer Sciences is an exciting field with many career opportunities. Colorado State’s Family and Consumer Sciences major is the only one of its kind in the state of Colorado, and it’s designed to prepare you to contribute to the well-being of the people, communities, and environments where you live and work. Here are three reasons this program might be for you. 

#1. You’ll be able to blend your interests into one degree. 

No need to choose just one area of interest – the Family and Consumer Sciences major crosses many areas of study and exists in several academic areas at CSU. You’ll take classes from a variety of departments on campus, learning things in subjects like human development,  family studies, food science and nutrition, health, personal finance, apparel design and merchandising, and interior design.

#2. You’ll have opportunities for community engagement and hands-on learning. 

This program emphasizes “adulting,” which can be defined as the management and problem-solving skills you need to be responsible and productive. Through coursework, internships, and student teaching, you’ll have opportunities to grow your learning and professional development in real-world environments before entering the workforce.  

#3. You’ll get career flexibility and strong employment options. 

With this versatile degree, you won’t be limited to a handful of job opportunities. You’ll be prepared to work in government, agency, corporate, and other professional roles anywhere. Most graduates find jobs related to their degree shortly after graduation, as well as opportunities for growth and advancement. Interested in teaching family and consumer sciences to middle and/or high school students? With a shortage of secondary educators in this field, our grads currently experience 100% job placement. 

If you’re struggling to choose just one area of focus, want to make a difference in the lives of others, and want flexibility in your career, Family and Consumer Sciences might just be what you’re looking for.  

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Prairie Smallwood

Prairie Smallwood is a writer and content creator for the Office of Admissions at Colorado State University. She is passionate about education and exploration, and knows that going to college can be both an adventure and an overwhelming experience. She aims to create content that helps students through that journey — the wonderful, the scary, and everything in between.