3 reasons to choose CSU’s Watershed Science major

students and professor conduct research in a stream in the mountains

Trying to dig a little deeper into Colorado State’s majors, just starting out in your major search, or want to see what it looks like to be a student in a certain major or concentration? Our “3 reasons” series is the perfect place to start. In each installment, we’re bringing you three standout reasons to choose a major, written by the people who work and teach in those programs every day. 

Water is essential for life, and communities around the world need professionals to help ensure access to a safe, secure water supply. Grads in the watershed science field go onto jobs that help sustain the Earth’s water resources and reduce ways in which society impedes on clean water sources. Here are three reasons the Watershed Science major might be the choice for you.

#1. You’ll get your feet wet exploring Colorado’s water resources.

During the Watershed Practicum class, you will get first-hand experience addressing issues affecting the water supply in Colorado and meeting with water resource professionals. This real-world learning includes investigating how ski areas source their water for making snow, how fires increase flood risk, water quality concerns in cities, and more.

#2. You’ll expand your scientific toolkit.

Through the Watershed Measurements course, you will learn how to use weather, stream and groundwater sensors, collect water samples, and analyze the data in hands-on field courses. Current students utilize many scientific methods in the field to analyze water samples and explore the effects society has on natural water sources. When you graduate, you’ll have a wide range of lab and field experience to aid you in your chosen career.  

#3. You’ll get skills to become a leader and researcher in the watershed field.

After you graduate, your career options include watershed specialists at government agencies, environmental consulting firms, local and international nonprofit organizations, and so much more. CSU Watershed Science alumni are leaders in the field and are making key decisions about how to manage water in the face of changes in climate, wildfires, and land use.


Ready to dip your feet into Watershed Science?

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