3 reasons to choose CSU’s Social Work major

social work students work in the field

Trying to dig a little deeper into Colorado State’s majors, just starting out in your major search, or want to see what it looks like to be a student in a certain major? Our “3 reasons” series is the perfect place to start. In each installment, we’re bringing you three standout reasons to choose a major, written by the people who work and teach in those majors every day. 

Social Work majors share a profound commitment to social justice, equity and equality, anti-oppression, and enhancing human health and well-being. Our students develop skills to contribute to all sorts of helping professions, engaging diverse people in a wide variety of settings. Social workers assist individuals, families, groups, agencies, and communities, and even create policy changes through legislative government.

In the Social Work major, you’ll quickly learn it’s a common misconception that social workers only help abused and neglected children. Social workers are all around us, doing valuable work with all kinds of people in need of support or services. Social work can include mental health therapy, case management, advocacy, mediation, administration, resource linkage, and referrals to medical or mental health specialists. Here are three reasons the students in the Social Work major excel.

#1. Students come to CSU’s School of Social Work ready to make a difference.

Social Work students and faculty at CSU are close knit and supportive, and work together to affect change on campus and in local communities. With a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree, you will gain knowledge and skills about human behavior and social systems with a particular focus on helping people who are vulnerable or oppressed.

#2. Social Work students gain hands-on experience through internships.

You’ll have many opportunities for hands-on learning, where you’ll see the benefits of your work early on in your education. Students can graduate ready to begin their careers as social work practitioners.

#3. Social workers have a wide variety of career options.

Social Work grads can choose a career path based on personal values and interests, or they can go into research and graduate studies. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates social work professions will grow 11 percent from 2018 to 2028. Some careers CSU’s Social Work students have gone into include:

  • Child welfare worker
  • Adolescent group home counselor
  • Crisis counselor
  • Geriatric social worker
  • Nursing home administrator
  • Community outreach coordinator
  • Youth program counselor
  • Foster parent consultant
  • Probation officer
  • Adoption worker
  • Substance abuse/domestic violence counselor