Is our payment plan right for you?

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Paying for college looks different for everyone. Some students prefer to pay their bill each semester in a lump sum. For others, breaking up the bill goes a long way. Our payment plan allows you to do just that.

What is a payment plan?

The CSU payment plan breaks your tuition and fees into monthly payments. There are several payment options based on whether you want to use it for a full academic year or just one semester. There’s no interest, though there is a small set-up fee, and a down payment may be required depending on the plan you choose. Payments can be made through automatic bank accounts or credit/debit cards.

Who can use it?

Current students or a designated individual, like a family member or other trusted individual, can use the payment plan. Only one user can be designated on the plan at a time.

What are the benefits?


You have lots of options. You can use the payment plan for a full academic year or just a semester. Depending on when you enroll, you also can choose the number of payments to make. And payments can be pulled from a bank account or made through a debit or credit card.


Enrolling online is easy. Once you set up the process, CSU takes care of the rest. Withdrawals are automatic so you don’t have to remember to make your next payment.


The ability to give another person access to make payments is helpful if you have a family member or someone else in your life who would like to pay your bill.

How do I sign up?

  • Log into RAMweb or FAMweb.
  • Click on Billing and Tax Information from the main menu.
  • Select Payment Plan.
  • Follow instructions to access the enrollment page.
  • Select the plan that is best for you.

To share access to your billing information with a parent or other trusted individual, the student must follow these steps to create a FAMweb account and grant someone access to their billing information. Then, the designated individual will need to follow these steps to create and log into a FAMweb account before accessing the payment plan using the process above.

Want more info on the payment plan?

For more information, like upcoming enrollment dates and plan options, head over to our payment plan website.

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