3 reasons to choose CSU’s Biochemistry major

a student presents a scientific research project

Trying to dig a little deeper into Colorado State’s majors, just starting out in your major search, or want to see what it looks like to be a student in a certain major? Our “3 reasons” series is the perfect place to start. In each installment, we’re bringing you three standout reasons to choose a major, written by the people who work and teach in those majors every day. 

Biochemistry is the study of biomolecules and their functions. Students who study biochemistry at CSU use high-tech equipment to understand life at the molecular level and deeper. Here are three reasons why the biochemistry major might be for you.

#1. You’ll use and learn about powerful technology.

Our labs and classrooms use high-tech equipment so you can gain a deep understanding of the world. One such tool is our 3D projector classroom, where students can discover how genes work via 3D imaging. 

#2. You’ll get opportunities to conduct undergraduate research.

Biochemistry students have the opportunity to conduct research alongside faculty members and graduate students. Learning and researching alongside faculty is a great way to learn in a whole different setting and can be a big boost for your professional resume. Hands-on experience like this shows graduate schools and employers how you can take concepts you learn in class and apply them to real-world research problems.

Recent undergraduate research projects have included investigations of how the transport of molecules in cells is related to the development of the nervous system, and an exploration of how proteins affect the creation of melanin in the skin. Your results from research projects can be presented at CSU’s undergraduate research showcases including the Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creativity and the Multicultural Undergraduate Research Art and Leadership Symposium.

#3. You’ll have lots of career choices in well-paying and highly fulfilling industries.

Graduates of the biochemistry major go on to a wide variety of graduate studies and careers including working as pharmacists, cell biologists, teachers, geneticists, and more. Our discoveries at the micro level lead to breakthroughs in fields including biotechnology, agriculture, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and genetics. Your time in the major can help you explore passions and career paths that will be right for you.


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