3 reasons to choose CSU’s History major

students gather around a map

Trying to dig a little deeper into Colorado State’s majors, just starting out in your major search, or want to see what it looks like to be a student in a certain major? Our “3 reasons” series is the perfect place to start. In each installment, we’re bringing you three standout reasons to choose a major, written by the people who work and teach in those majors every day. 

Studying History at Colorado State means being able to focus early and often on your particular historical interests. History majors learn how to evaluate and engage evidence, think critically, challenge assumptions, and communicate persuasively. And, at CSU, we offer students several unique opportunities within the major.

#1. You can design your own academic path.

History majors love that they can tailor the program to their own interests and goals. Our classes allow students to specialize early in aspects of historical study, such as war and diplomacy, revolutions, empire and colonialism, race and ethnicity, women and gender, religion, and the human relationship with the natural environment.  

#2. You can experience history outside the classroom.

One of the best things about the history major is that undergrads have chances to train in practical skills in the field through internships, particularly in public history museums, historic preservation firms, national parks, libraries, and at other public-facing places. In addition, our Public Lands History Center provides students with the chance to work on real-world projects for public lands management agencies and municipalities 

#3. You can join a community passionate about history and applying it to the present.

Our students study the past in order to better understand and engage in the present. History majors at CSU partner with other groups around campus and in the Fort Collins community to use the past in the now. Students work with CSU Extension and Forest and Rangelands Management, the Museum of Discovery, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and other local industries to research the past in order to operate better in the present.  

Studying History at CSU is not just about knowing the past, it is about actively engaging the past. History is a tool, a way of understanding the present. Come study with us and we will show you how to deploy an understanding of deep context, change over time, multiple perspectives, and the complexity of our world in service of building a better present.  

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