5 ways to celebrate being #ColoStateBound on social media

student holding a #ColoStateBound banner

Making a commitment to a school is a big deal. You’re dedicating yourself to a new path that will define the next two-four years of your life (not to mention your future career and the loads of other opportunities and connections that you’ll encounter throughout your college experience). Everyone arrives at this decision in their own time and their own way, but however you get there, you should celebrate!

When you commit to Colorado State, you join a community (that we like to call Ramily) bursting with pride, opportunity, innovation, and passion. That’s something to be excited about. One of our favorite ways to celebrate is with a simple #ColoStateBound post on social media. This lets us, and the rest of the Ramily, celebrate with you. Here are a few ideas to make your celebratory #ColoStateBound post uniquely prideful and uniquely your own.

#1. With your pets

It’s no secret that we love animals at CSU. We love to watch them romp on the Oval, go viral with trick routines on campus, and even visit students in residence halls from time to time. Even our larger pets have a home at the Equine Center! Grab your favorite furry (or feathery or scaley) pal for a #ColoStateBound photo that is sure to put a smile on the internet’s face.

#2. With a gorgeous view

Whether it’s the beach, a mountain vista, or an urban cityscape (like this one in Hong Kong!), a gorgeous view can show off where you’re from, where you love to spend your time, or what inspires you. Take your #ColoStateBound banner or Ram gear on your next outing for a photo with a stunning-and-unique background.

#3. With your loved ones

When you join the Ramily, so do your loved ones. Your parents, siblings, high school counselors and teachers, best friends, and anyone else who helped you get here are an invaluable part of your celebration, and we love to see them!

#4. With Ram gear

We may be a little biased, but we think green and gold look good on everyone. If you don’t have any CSU gear in your closet already, check out our gift guide or the CSU Bookstore online or grab the closest green, gold or orange pieces in your closet for a spirited #ColoStateBound post.

#5. With details about your studies or involvements

We hope you’ve found a major, department or career path that you’re unbelievably stoked about (if you’re still figuring it out, that’s okay too!). Share your academic plans, or even a club or organization that you’re excited to join, to make your post even more unique and celebratory. Go ahead and tag a college so they can celebrate with you too!

We love nothing more than celebrating #ColoStateBound students. We can’t wait to see your posts!

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Mary Alice Truitt

Mary Alice has been a visual creator and communicator for the CSU Office of Admissions since September of 2019. She is a life-long learner and is passionate about access, inclusion, pub trivia, and her Spotify playlists.