8 CSU instagram accounts to help you find your major

There are so many ways to explore academics at Colorado State, from creating your personalized viewbook to hearing about majors straight from students. But what if you just want to get a feel for the personality of CSU’s eight academic colleges? Finding your academic home at CSU is as much about the major you choose as the departments, professors, staff, and students you’ll be interacting with throughout your college career. Read on to get to know the eight CSU academic colleges via their Instagram profiles.

College of Agriculture Sciences

The College of Agricultural Sciences is home to majors that focus on animal, land, and plant sciences, offering a wide range of choices from animal production majors to horticultural and soil sciences, as well as majors around the business of agriculture. Your education can happen everywhere from a horse barn to a board room to a science lab to a wide-open field, and you’ll gain an understanding of how plants, animals, soils, and people work together to design and sustain our planet’s resources.

College of Business

The College of Business has 10 concentrations under the umbrella of the business administration major. Whether your interests lie in marketing or finance, human resources or organization management, there’s a specialty for almost anyone. No matter which concentration you choose, you’ll be guided in the belief that business has the power to create meaningful change and solve complex challenges in the world.

Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

In the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering, you’ll join a driven group of students, faculty, and staff dedicated to solving global problems and creating a better world. As an engineering student, you’ll spend time in the math and sciences, as well as time in labs that analyze how things work, how things move, why reactions happen, and how structures are created, and so much more.

College of Health and Human Sciences

The College of Health and Human Sciences houses many majors in what are considered “helping professions.” Whether you have dreams of teaching, working in medicine and public health, working with children or geriatrics, or becoming a scientific researcher or professor, the college has curriculum, clubs, and internship and research opportunities to help you get there. As a student in the college, you’ll have ample opportunities for undergrad research and work within the community.

College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts is home to a wide range of majors that will challenge you to think critically, communicate with clarity, and develop your creativity. Whether your passion lies in the arts, the social/environmental aspects of the world, or the history and culture of the world, the college’s goal is to study and examine what it means to be human.

Warner College of Natural Resources

If you’re interested in the nature around us, preservation, recreation, and science, Warner College of Natural Resources might be the perfect place to land at CSU. No matter which major you choose within the college, you’ll get the opportunity to immerse yourself in the field. With CSU’s setting so perfectly situated in one of the most-diverse natural areas in the world, you’ll be set to learn everywhere from the mountains to the deserts to the wide-open grasslands.

College of Natural Sciences

The College of Natural Sciences is where you’ll find science-based majors like in the life sciences, physical sciences, technological sciences and beyond. Whether you want to look at the science of human behavior or answer questions about the natural world and how it operates, the challenging, hands-on courses in the college are sure to suit your interests and goals.

Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

The College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences houses two majors: biomedical sciences and neuroscience. Students in this college gain from amazing opportunities in internships and undergraduate research, with mentorship from top scientists in their fields. Your major will guide you to a career in health/medicine, grad school, or research … or a combination of the three.

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