3 tips to maximize your virtual college tour experience

One of the best ways to gauge how well a school fits you is to load up the car for an in-person visit. Visits and tours, either self-guided or led by our staff, allow you to get a taste of what Colorado State University and Fort Collins are really like on a day-to-day basis.

We know, however, that sometimes life gets in the way and that it’s not always easy to come see us in person for a visit. And we don’t want you to miss out on the gorgeous views and fun facts about spaces and buildings just because you can’t be here. That’s where technology comes in.

With features like 360-degree photos, detailed narration and stunning wide-angle visuals, our virtual tour offers an informative, interactive and customizable experience that guides you through about 30 different locations across campus and the greater Fort Collins area. It covers everything you would see on a regular visit, and even some harder-to-get-to spots like Horsetooth Reservoir. Here are three things you can do to get the best experience out of this tool:

#1. Get the full experience with the walking tour feature


The virtual tour is designed to make you feel like you’ve arrived on campus for a guided walking tour with mapped out routes that ensure you don’t miss a thing. Using the arrows near the bottom of the screen, you can navigate through these routes as you make your way down the Oval to the TILT building or through the Great Green to the Student Rec Center 

#2. See the big picture with 360-degree photos

Screenshot of virtual tour

Nearly all tour stops include at least one 360-degree photo that make you feel like you’re really standing on campus. Many of these photos give you an experience unique to the virtual tour that you wouldn’t necessarily get on a regular guided tour, like a look inside a lab or a view from the center of Sonny Lubick Field. Find these photos at the bottom right of your screen.

#3. Make it your own by using the map and the destinations panel


Do you already know exactly what buildings and spaces you want to see? Good news: the destinations panel and the map on the left side of the screen make it super easy to choose your own adventure. Skip the Morgan Library and just go for the residence halls, or pass up the plaza and go straight to Old Town. It’s totally up to you!

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Mary Alice Truitt

Mary Alice has been a visual creator and communicator for the CSU Office of Admissions since September of 2019. She is a life-long learner and is passionate about access, inclusion, pub trivia, and her Spotify playlists.