Boettcher scholarship finalist tips

Making it to the final round of the Boettcher Scholarship is a massive accomplishment. Boettcher scholars are at the tops of their classes, actively involved in their communities, and passionate about everything from art to engineering to solving global hunger. We tracked down some of CSU’s Boettcher scholars and got the inside scoop on how they made it through the finalist stage.

“Before your interview, you’ll have a quick, five-minute pre-interview with the program director. This is Boettcher’s way of helping you relax and get comfortable before the real interview. Take it as an opportunity to work out some nerves. They’re there to help you calm down.” –Janaye

Practice! Practice! Practice! Mock interviews are crucial to your success in the big panel interview. Practice with family, but also with people who don’t know you well. Ask for honest feedback.” –Leah

Do mock interviews with community members, your principal, counselors, teachers. Ask them to bring questions you might not expect. And, when you ask them for feedback, tell them to be mindful of your content as well as your body language, eye contact, and volume. Every detail counts.” –Leah

“You need to really know your application, essay, and resume well. They’re going to ask you questions that are very specific to you as a person. They might take the smallest detail from your resume and ask you to expand on it. Be ready to tell meaningful stories.” –Eric

“It’s OK to get emotional. They want to hear your story, your struggles, what you care about — all of it. Practice telling those stories enough so that they won’t derail you, but don’t be afraid to feel them while you’re interviewing. In the end, they want to know who you are, struggles and scars and accomplishments alike.” –Eric

It’s not as scary as you think it’ll be.” –Leah

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