Boettcher scholarship application tips

If you’ve heard of the prestigious Boettcher Scholarship, you probably know what a big accomplishment it is to receive it. Boettcher scholars are at the tops of their classes, actively involved in their communities, and passionate about everything from art to engineering to solving global hunger. We tracked down some of CSU’s Boettcher scholars and got the inside scoop on how they made it through the application process.

The essay is your chance to shine. Your academics are important, but they already know you’re a high achiever. Talk about how you got there, where you’ve struggled, how you’ve made it happen when things don’t go exactly how you want. Talk about your favorite subjects and how you’ve explored them beyond the classroom. Talk about your work outside school, and how it’s changed you. Be raw and real and genuine.” –Jonathan

“Your application is your first chance to be authentically you — and that’s what Boettcher wants. Be honest about your passions, your interests, and your struggles. Talk about any adversity you’ve overcome. There is no “perfect candidate.” Talk about your academic achievements, but also talk about your personal explorations, your dreams. Be you.” –Janaye

“Use your essay as a chance to tell a story. Whether that’s about a personal event you overcame, or an inspiring moment that changed the course of your studies, go there. Tell them who you are and how you’ve grown. It’s as much about being real as it is about being outstanding and driven. Show them the whole picture of you.” –Eric

“Be honest about your passions and what you’re good at in the application. Pick out things to highlight that have helped you grow. Then have people read your essay. Revise it. Have others read your essay, then revise it. You’ll know when it’s right.” –Kori

Discover the benefits of being a CSU Boettcher scholar

Boettcher scholars have some big choices to make when selecting a college. Here are some reasons why CSU should be at the top of your list.


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