5 majors to consider if you want to work abroad

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One of the best things about Colorado State University is the opportunity for hands-on learning. From access to undergrad research to hundreds of classes designed to get you out of the lecture hall and into the field, our experiential learning is no secret. And, beyond just getting out of the classroom, there are opportunities for any student in any major to travel abroad to learn.

But what about after college? What if you want to take everything you’ve learned at CSU to a career overseas? Whether you travel abroad during college or not, we’ve got programs aimed at preparing you for an international career that you can thrive in. Here are five majors to consider if you are thinking about international career after college.

#1. International Studies

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The International Studies major is aimed at helping students understand the nature of diverse cultures and peoples. As an International Studies major, you’ll choose between four areas of focus: Asian Studies, European Studies, Latin American Studies, or Middle Eastern Studies. No matter which region you choose, you’ll study everything from the cultural and political issues in the area to history, written and oral communication, as well as the impact that culture has on the rest of the world.

You’ll be required to study at least three years of a foreign language, and strongly encouraged to study abroad during your undergraduate experience. The Education Abroad Office offers over 1,000 international programs and opportunities and provides scholarships and financial assistance to make education abroad possible.

#2. Soil and Crop Sciences, International Soil and Crop Sciences Concentration

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Soil and crop sciences are the foundation sciences underlying the production and management of food, feed, fiber, and energy crops to meet human needs and to protect the environment. The International Soil and Crop Sciences concentration within the major takes that science worldwide, where you’ll focus on global agricultural literacy, gain a deep understanding of the diversity of agriculture around the world, and examine the challenges around global food production. Soil and crop sciences partnership study abroad programs go all over the world to places like Australia, Spain, France, Costa Rica, and New Zealand, and you’ll be encouraged to study abroad during your undergraduate experience.

#3. Business Administration, International Business Concentration

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When you major in Business at CSU, you’ll get to select a concentration from a varied and specialized list to help you focus your studies within the discipline. International Business is a unique concentration within the list that explores the link between multiple world cultures and their business practices. Additionally, the International Business concentration is designed to be a secondary concentration, paired with one of the other nine business concentrations. This will prepare you for a meaningful career with organizations that operate beyond national borders. You’ll enhance your functional expertise and learn to apply international context to your primary business discipline.

#4. Natural Resource Tourism, Global Tourism Concentration

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As a student in the Natural Resource Tourism major, you’ll learn the ins and outs of tourism, marketing and planning, natural resources, and the social sciences to develop skills for managing recreation and tourism enterprises. Of the two concentrations within the major, the Global Tourism concentration develops skills within an international tourism context. And, because sustainable tourism requires a healthy natural environment, the environment is another area of study within the concentration. Throughout your studies, you’ll be given cross-cultural experiences by learning a second language, studying at a university abroad, and participating in an international internship.

#5. Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

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If you truly want to immerse yourself in a culture, the Languages, Literatures, and Cultures major might be right up your alley. The major is designed to prepare students for careers such as bilingual educators, translator/interpreters, diplomats, immigration/naturalization workers, or to work in international journalism, overseas nonprofits, or government intelligence. The department strongly encourages education or other experiences abroad and has exchange agreements in place with universities in several countries.

Throughout your studies in the major, you’ll be able to choose from three concentrations: French, German, or Spanish, with an option to minor in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese,  Arabic, Italian, or Russian. Depending on your future goals, you can also take courses in Latin, American Sign Language, or choose from a host of interdisciplinary minors like Linguistics and Culture, Film Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Women’s Studies, International Development Studies, or Peace and Reconciliation Studies.

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