How do I find a roommate?

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We want your on-campus housing experience to go as smoothly as possible. As you contemplate what type of roommate would suit you best, use our tips and tools below to find a great roomie.

Finding and selecting your roommate

Meeting a potential roommate can happen in a variety of ways. Here at CSU, we offer a couple of official methods of finding and selecting roommates.

#1. Lifestyle questionnaire

When filling out your housing application you’ll notice a lifestyle questionnaire section. This questionnaire will help us place you with a compatible roommate if you do not use our roommate-matching tool in the housing portal. Simply fill out the questionnaire, and Housing & Dining Services staff will use the information to match you to a roommate who has similar preferences. CSU assigns roommates a few weeks prior to move-in to give you as much time as possible to find a compatible roommate yourself. You can expect your roommate assignment in late summer if you are starting classes in the fall and in early January if you will be starting in the spring.

#2. Matching in the housing portal

The roommate-matching tool is available from late spring to summer each year. The tool allows you to create a profile and learn about other students who are looking for roommates, as well as match with someone you already know and want to room with. Students who have completed a housing application will be notified by email when the matching tool is available.

#3. Other ways to connect

Know someone you want to room with? Some future Rams meet their roommates simply by making connections online or face to face. Meet people at an admitted student event, on social media platforms, or on the Admitted Rams Community. Please keep in mind that the housing portal is the only way to request and match with roommates, even if you met them elsewhere.

Learn more about the housing portal and roommate matching at Colorado State.

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