Cozy up on campus: 3 of the top spots to nap

students laying on the grass in the oval

Naps. They make us more alert, more positive, and all-around better humans. With the combination of classes, work, clubs, internships and everything else that comes along with college, naps are a simple and effective way to reduce stress and practice self-care.

High school was not the most rewarding place to take a quick snooze. I remember bouncing my head around in an effort to keep from venturing off into dreamland during English class (so sorry, Shakespeare).

Enter Colorado State University — a napper’s paradise. There’s ample furniture dispersed around campus, beautiful scenery, and fellow students who are taking full advantage of the glorious opportunity to nap without judgment.

I talked to three prestigious individuals within the Colorado State napping community and asked them to share their favorite places to cozy up on campus.

#1: Library. Third Floor. Couch Room.

“I like to use my hair as a pillow.”

Blog Header: Library. Third Floor. Couch Room

Name: Katy Clasquin

Major: Social Work

Year: Senior

Katy loves that the third floor of the Morgan Library has an entire room filled with couches, as well as soft-spoken and studious Rams.

She prefers to bring the comforts of home to campus when she takes naps — like her favorite onesie.

#2: Lory Student Center. Third floor.

“I can sleep anywhere.”

Blog Header: Lory Student Center. Third Floor.

Name: Anna Phan

Major: Chemistry Education

Year: Junior

Anna chose the third floor of the Lory Student Center for its unique sights, sounds, and smells.

With a fireplace behind her, mountains to her left, coffee shops below, and a student playing Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” on the piano around the corner, Anna can catch some truly cultured z’s.

#3: Library. Quad. Cold Concrete.

“Trees too far apart? You can still take a hammock nap.”

Blog Header: Library Quad. Cold Concrete

Name: DJ Mullaney

Major: Health and Exercise Science

Year: Senior

As an active outdoors man, DJ ditched the indoor scene for a chance to snuggle up in the Morgan Library’s outdoor quad area.

Spread-out trees are of no concern to DJ, a seasoned hammock enthusiast. Sometimes he prefers to grab his hammock and lay on cold, snow-covered concrete. It really gets him in touch with his inner Coloradoan.

Honorable mention: the Oval

“Nature’s sedative.”

Blog Header: The Oval

So it may not be the prime winter spot (say no to cold naps), but on warm days the Oval is our ultimate napping nook. When the sun is shining, students catch some superb slumber with the perfect combo of sun and shade, a plethora of cute dogs, and friendly faces across the way.

Jordan Weig

Jordan Weig is a recent Clinical and Counseling Psychology graduate. Her napping preferences include wrapping up burrito-style in a big, fuzzy blanket.