I’m admitted. How do I confirm and submit my deposit?

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So you’re admitted to Colorado State University — congrats! Now it’s time to take the next step: confirm and submit your enrollment deposit. Not sure exactly how it all works? Follow the steps below and it will be a breeze.

Step 1: Log in to your RAMweb account

Start by logging into your RAMweb account. You will need to your NetID and password to log in.

Screenshot with "Log in to RAMweb" circled

Step 2: Log into your Future Rams Dashboard

Once you have logged into RAMweb, you’ll see a section for Admissions. Click on Future Rams Dashboard.

Screenshot with Future Rams Dashboard highlighted

Step 3: Pay or defer your deposit

Near the bottom of your Future Rams Dashboard, in the Next Steps tab, you will see options to pay or defer your deposit. Click the option you want and follow the steps. You will need a credit or debit card if you are submitting your payment.

Screenshot with payment buttons circled

That’s it!

Once you have confirmed and deposited, you’ll have access to important next steps, like the housing application and orientation sign-up.

Your Future Rams Dashboard will be updated within 24 hours to reflect your payment or deferral. Your dashboard will show that you’ve accepted your offer and that your next steps have been updated.

Still need help?

If you have any trouble during this process or are not seeing these options appear in your RAMweb account, contact us. Our counselors will be happy to help you troubleshoot.