Go green: 3 ways Rams can make a sustainable impact

At Colorado State, “go green” isn’t a catchphrase — it’s a commitment. We take sustainability seriously and do the hard work that it takes to conserve and protect our campus, our community, and our world. Rams can even find sustainability at the heart of some of the smallest details of our days, from our coffee, to our dining hall meals, to our waste disposal, to our rides to the ski slopes.

Our students take this commitment seriously, too. There are lots of ways to contribute and make an impact as a Ram! Here are just a few.

#1: Join clubs and events on campus.

Many students get involved in organizations committed to environmental health, like Student Sustainability Center. They volunteer their time at campus events, educate campus and the community about living green, and encourage local leaders to commit to sustainable practices.

Our Eco Leaders pledge to be shining examples of sustainable living on campus. They educate classmates on how to be green. They also provide input and recommendations to offices all over campus, like Housing and Dining Services.

#2: Research and learn about sustainable solutions.

Over 30 percent of classes at CSU include sustainability in the curriculum. This means that no matter your major, you’ll have ample opportunity to explore sustainability issues in the classroom.

As a research university, we want our students to be hands-on, and to dig into issues that matter to them. That’s why all of our academic colleges offer research opportunities for students in areas such as climate change and energy, food security, environmental change, sustainable communities, land and water resources, and biodiversity conservation.

  • Natural Resource Management major Montana spent a summer observing visitor behavior in national parks around the country. Her work will help parks develop an easy-to-understand recycling and compost system.
  • Design and Merchandising graduate Sage spent her undergrad years researching ways to create earth-friendly textiles. She now owns a 100 percent earth-friendly textile business in Niwot, Colorado.

As a CSU student, you can also do research like Montana and Sage, and our faculty will be there to guide you every step of the way.

#3: Take your skills on the road.

Lend a hand to communities in need and learn while you’re at it. We make it easy to make an impact all over the world by offering a variety of education abroad programs focused on protecting the Earth.

No matter your major, budget, or time constraints, you can find a program that fits. Sustainable travel and tourism, design, construction, fish and wildlife conservation, and food systems are just a few of the programs that center on sustainable practices.

So, what’s next?

Protecting the Earth is not an option; it’s a must. No matter your major and interests, you can make a big impact on your community and your world through research and education. If you have a passion for sustainability, we want you at CSU.

How students and faculty are creating change right now

Check out the School of Global Environmental Sustainability.

Sustainablity efforts

Jill Baylis

Jill was a staff member in the Office of Admissions until 2019 when she moved to Denver. As a first-generation college student, she focused on simplifying the college admissions process and helping future Rams find community on campus.