Undocumented? Explore your financial aid options

Blog Header: Undocumented? Explore Your Financial Aid Options

If you are undocumented and live in Colorado, CSU is a great college option. That being said, we understand financial concerns play an important role in your decision to attend CSU.

Undocumented college students are not eligible for federal financial aid, but CSU and the state of Colorado have other financial opportunities. Learn what steps you can take to invest in your college degree with the help of financial aid and scholarships.


If you have applied and been admitted to CSU, you may qualify for in-state tuition as an ASSET student. ASSET is a law passed in the state of Colorado that gives eligible undocumented college students in-state tuition rates at Colorado colleges and universities.

Scholarships and grants

Although students with ASSET status don’t qualify for federal financial aid, they may qualify for aid from the state of Colorado and from Colorado State University.

The Colorado Application for State Financial Aid (CASFA) is Colorado’s financial aid application for Colorado students who are undocumented. The CASFA is available as early as October 1 each year and must be completed by February 1 each year for institutional and state financial aid consideration.

Most CSU scholarships do not have a citizenship requirement. CSU awards some scholarships automatically upon admission and some once you’ve completed the CSUSA Scholarship Application.

Working on campus

If you currently have DACA, contact the Office of Financial Aid to learn more about work-study opportunities.

If you do not have DACA, the National Immigration Law Center encourages you to speak with an immigration attorney before submitting or renewing a DACA application.

Learn more about these options

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