5 spots on campus that will take your breath away

The Oval with snow covering trees and ground

Pristine views of the Rocky Mountain foothills, ample green space, historical architecture, and state-of-the-art facilities combine to make CSU’s campus a place you won’t want to leave. Our students spend much of their time outdoors studying, biking, or simply walking through the beauty.

Think we’re focused on appearances alone? Don’t be fooled. There’s so much more to this place. Our campus is surrounded by unique geography and a rich cultural history, giving students access to out-of-classroom experiences hard to find elsewhere.

Ready to have your breath taken away? Here are our top five spots on campus.

#1: The Oval

Play Frisbee, read a book, or just catch some rays at one of the oldest and most well-known spots on campus. The Oval is home to historic buildings and rows of American Elms dating back to our founding in 1870. Look all around with a 360-degree view.

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#2: The Rec Center

With three climbing walls, 24,000 square feet of cardio and fitness equipment, an indoor track, and an aquatic center featuring a lazy river, it’s no wonder that students can’t get enough of this place. Take a two-minute video tour or look all around with 360-degree views of the cardio room, rock climbing wall, weight room, and swimming pools.

Students on treadmills looking out massive windows

#3: The Trial Gardens

Each year CSU horticulture students transform this campus spot into one of the most beautiful gardens in the state. Walk or ride through the trial gardens from spring to fall and you’ll find an ever-evolving beauty. Look all around with 360-degree views of the trial garden and the perennial garden.

CSU trial gardens in the summer

#4: The Lagoon

This serene pond just west of the Lory Student Center features a gravel trail, native grasses, and trees for shade. You’ll spy geese and ducks frequently, too. Not just for looks, the lagoon also provides stormwater and floodwater capacity if flooding were to occur on campus. Look all around with a 360-degree view.

Lagoon on sunny day

#5: The Great Green

Located on the west side of the Lory Student Center, this picturesque scene is a visitor favorite. The second floor patio of the student center allows for a comprehensive view of this expansive open space and the Rocky Mountain foothills that surround it. Look all around with a 360-degree view.

Expansive lawn with mountains in background

See it for yourself.

Don’t just take our word for it. Visit us to experience campus for yourself.